Can food help reduce your cigarette cravings?12 Oct

Can food help reduce your cigarette cravings?

As it’s Stoptober, we thought we’d take a look at how making a few changes to your eating habits can help you kick the habit!

Smoking isn’t just about the nicotine addiction, it’s also about the taste you get from it and the other ways it affects your senses. So, anything that affects your smoking experience can make it easier for you to quit!

Different foods affect the flavour of cigarettes in different ways. Common foods that worsen the taste of cigarettes include:

Common foods that make cigarettes taste better include:

So, try drinking milk, or eating some fruits or vegetables before you smoke. It’ll make the whole experience less pleasurable and make you less likely to want to keep it up!

Did you know that smoking also depletes your vitamin C levels? Low vitamin C levels means more cravings, so introduce some foods high in vitamin Ci into your diet to curb those cravings! Good examples include:

Not only will these stop you feeling like you need to smoke so often, but as we mentioned above, they’ll likely make the cigarettes taste worse too!

Find your triggers

When do you tend to smoke? Everyone has different patterns of behaviour that trigger the cravings. It could be your morning coffee, drinking alcohol or even just socialising with other smokers. Acknowledging those triggers and creating new habits will help make it easier to stop smoking. A few examples are:

If you’re looking for help this Stoptober, the Cheshire Change Hub offer free support and guidance for those who want to stop smoking. Give their website a look and see how they can help you!

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