Buggy Burn & Firm comes to Ellesmere Port Sports Village!23 May

Buggy Burn & Firm comes to Ellesmere Port Sports Village!

Following on from the success of the pilot scheme in Winsford, Buggy Burn & Firm has come to Ellesmere Port Sports Village!

You may have read back in January about an innovative scheme we were leading in Winsford to get mums more active by providing structured outdoor workouts that they could bring their babies to. We got loads of great feedback, and lots of people asking us to bring to our other centres. Well, we listened to all your feedback and we’re now pleased to announce that Buggy Burn & Firm is coming to Ellesmere Port!

These sessions involve our gym instructors getting out into the community, and working with local bodies to help deliver sessions that include guided walks, interspersed with a range of cardio and strength building exercises. Mums will also be doing traditional push ups and squats, boxing and ‘baby-lifts’ – using their babies as resistance weights!

Click here to see a clip of the sessions in action!


The following 4 week courses will be run from Stanlaw Abbey Children’s Centre. There’s no need to book but if you’d like more information you can get in touch with them on 0151 337 6425.

July 20 – August 10

September 21 – October 12

And these 4 week courses below are being run by Portside Children’s Centre. Again, no need to book but if you’d like to know more then get in touch with them on 0151 337 6365.

June 14 – July 5

August 23 – September 13

22 November – December 13

So as you can see, there’s plenty of opportunities for you and your little one to get out and about this year! Grab a friend or two and come along!

We hope to see you there!

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