Brand New at Brio!13 Sep

Brand New at Brio!

It’s that time again – we’re rolling out our new Autumn/Winter fitness class timetables! There are some great new additions this time around, so we thought we’d highlight a few of the brand new ones coming to a Brio centre near you!

See something you like the sound of but it’s not on at your local centre? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear feedback on our timetables!

Swim Fit Gym

You may have tried Swim Fit before, so this one’s definitely for you! This is a circuit style class thats high impact and high calorie burning, and it’s great for people wanting to find a new and exciting way to get fit in the water!

Available at: Ellesmere Port Sports Village

Kettlercise Combat MX

Kettlercise with a twist! Kettlercise MX takes the classic formula that you know and love and puts a Mixed Martial Arts slant on it. Incorporating MMA moves, this new class is high energy, up tempo and it’s suitable for all abilities so give it a go!

Available at: Northgate Arena

Sport Fit

Sport Fit is a brand new class like nothing we’ve had before! Think of it as P.E but for grown ups – you’ll keep fit by trying all sorts of sports such as dodgeball, rounders, touch rugby, cricket and ultimate frisbee! This is a fun and unique class which keeps you motivated and builds confidence.

Available at: Neston Recreation Centre

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Similar to our other Yoga classes, yet different at the same time! This one is also sometimes called Flow Yoga because of the way poses smoothly run together to become a bit like a dance. It covers a range of types of Yoga due to the similar poses but Vinyasa Flow Yoga synchronises movement to the breath, ideal for any Yoga lover!

Available at: Ellesmere Port Sports Village

Aqua Mitt

This is an aqua class with a twist! It’s a high intensity class which focuses on your upper body by using Aqua Mitts to add additional and more challenging resistance training! Aqua classes are a full body workout that leave you feeling refreshed. So get your mitts on, to have a try at this new class!

Available at: Northgate Arena

All these great new classes are certainly worth giving a go! Book your spaces online and let us know how you get on!

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