6 ways to get and keep motivated.20 Feb

6 ways to get and keep motivated.

Motivation. Some have it in abundance; some of us are still searching for it. But what if our motivation can come from small changes to our mindset and outlook.

We may just need to introduce small actions that result in more motivation! Below are some examples of the barriers we face and how to overcome them to get our bodies moving more.

No time

Sometimes we feel like we have no time to work out. But whether you move for 15 minutes or 45, getting your body moving even just a little bit can do wonders for your mind and body during a busy schedule. Whether it’s a quick stroll on your lunch break or a power hour in the pool before the rush of the day – take some steps to invest your free time in yourself.

Never seeing results quick enough!

Not seeing results can feel demotivating. Maybe the best way to measure your results is in how you feel? Working out isn’t all about weight loss; working out can help you run up the stairs faster, keep up with the kids for longer or lift that suitcase easier!


Not everyone feels comfortable waltzing into a gym; there are so many machines, weights and people who seemingly know what they are doing but remember, everyone started somewhere. Why not ask one of the Brio team to show you what’s what or get involved with our instructor-led fitness classes for extra support.

Planning and habits

Planning can help build motivation. Creating a plan of action and following through regularly can eventually develop habits. Soon, moving your body will become a regular practice that is hard to break due to routine and habit.

Lack of direction

Not knowing where to start can make you stop before you’ve tied your shoelaces. Let’s start by thinking about what you would enjoy. Maybe you prefer working out with other people, in which case perhaps fitness classes can help? Or maybe you like lifting weights with the support of a banging playlist? Whichever you prefer, Brio Leisure offer a tailored programme to you to help provide structure, support and help set your goals.

Remove the guilt

Sometimes, planning, building our confidence, giving ourselves more time just doesn’t work and whether you plan to have a day off or just don’t feel like it, please, don’t feel bad for taking a day off. This isn’t a setback on progress; THIS IS PROGRESS! Working out should come from self-love, so don’t beat yourself up about taking a day of rest. Listen to your body, take a break and dive back in when you feel ready!

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