5 Top Tips to make your gym life easier!5 Feb

5 Top Tips to make your gym life easier!

We all want to keep our New Year habits going, but as February starts it’s hard to stay motivated! We’ve come up with some super simple top tips on how you can keep your workout interesting.

Add one or two of these to your workout to help push you to enjoy your New Year resolution!

  1. Limit your workout to half an hour! By setting a time limit to your exercise, you can get your body working without reaching the point of pushing yourself too hard.
  2. Get yourself a workout playlist, something to dance along to as you exercise is perfect for keeping your positivity up! You can find that so many playlists have songs at several different beats per minute that would work with different exercises.
  3. Plan out your workout! With our free programme, you can get a personalised exercise plan. Focus Move Evolve is included in our Premier Membership and helps plan a workout, including ways to evolve through this and how you can improve your fitness as you move on.
  4. Use the QR codes on the Synergy kit to include something new in your workout. On our Synergy kits in the gym, we have QR codes that you can scan with your phone camera and see short videos on exercises that you can do using the Synergy frame.
  5. Enjoy yourself! Make sure that you’re having fun; it’s hard to carry on working out and exercising if you aren’t enjoying yourself. You can always stop if you feel like today isn’t the day! But try and keep a routine, so you keep coming back.


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