5 Reasons why having a PT will change your New Year!5 Jan

5 Reasons why having a PT will change your New Year!

Starting the new year with the gym is something on many minds at the moment. Is it on yours?

While going to the gym is one thing, finding the motivation and support to carry throughout the year is a lot harder to achieve.

Having a Personal Trainer can help you push yourself to reach those goals you thought were unreachable! With a PT at your side, you’ll be able to take your training to the next level and make 2020 your healthiest year ever. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Tailored to your goals
Everyone is different and researches exercises differently Using workouts from Pinterest or Instagram can help you to an extent; having a Personal Trainer tailoring everything to your needs and goals can help you reach them quicker. Our PT’s know their stuff, so you’re in good hands! They understand that every client is different, and so create workouts specific to your needs, whether that’s supporting an injury or working towards a goal.

2. Nutritional advice
Every person is different in not only their body type but in what they eat too; with a PT you can get all the nutritional information you need on how to adapt your daily diet to something that will increase the speed of getting to your goals. You can plan a day-to-day meal plan catered to you and your needs, not only will this help with your goals but help to build long-lasting healthy nutritional habits.

3. Specialised exercises
Personal Trainers will get to know not only you but your body as well. They will begin to see which exercises work and which don’t, finding ways for you to love exercises that you hated before! They will help you get the perfect form on each workout and challenge you with activities that push your body, all with the aim of reaching your goals.

4. Lifestyle tips
Having a PT will help you live a healthier lifestyle, knowing when to work out and how many times a week, what sleeping habits you should start to build, how much alcohol you can have a week. All of these will help you reach your goal, and have you living a healthier life!

5. Support
Your PT will have your back, supporting you through every exercise and pushing you until they know you need to stop. Any obstacles that would’ve prevented you from moving forward, before having a Personal Trainer, will be something you can work through instead of making you stop.

You’ll find ways to grow stronger as a person, as well as growing stronger physically!

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Not only can you enjoy a Personal Training session by yourself, but bring along a friend and share the cost. Working out alongside someone else can help motivate you even more and turn a 1 on 1 session into something that feels more like a small, personal group exercise class!

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