5 Reasons Exercise Makes You A Happier Person18 Mar

5 Reasons Exercise Makes You A Happier Person

It’s International Day of Happiness – a relatively new celebration created by the United Nations. They founded this day to create a shift of attitudes and recognise progress, so today is all about positive attitudes and good vibes!

Everyone knows exercise is great for your body, but it can also do wonders for your mental wellbeing, so we’ve put together a few top reasons on how exercise can make you a happier person!

1. It releases happy chemicals into your brain

A chemical called Dopamine plays a big part in your happiness! It’s a chemical in your brain that transmits and creates feelings of happiness. Working out increases your Dopamine output, so exercising really does make you happier!

2. It’s energising

We all have days where we feel too tired to go to the gym or that exercise class, but it’s more than likely that motivating yourself to go and doing the exercise you planned will make you feel more energised than you did before.

3. It makes you feel more confident

Anyone can feel low at times about the way you look or feel. Exercising and eating healthily can be a major confidence boost though. Not only will it improve the way you feel about yourself, but seeing all those positive changes you’re having on your life will make you even happier!

4. It fights insomnia

Many of us will suffer from insomnia and sleepless nights at some point. It’s exercising regularly and staying active that improves your sleep – if you’re going to bed feeling tired from the busy day you’ve had, naturally you’ll feel sleepy!

5. It reduces stress

Everyone feels stress at times! Working out eases the stress causing you to sweat out worries, and when you exercise by raising your heart rate it triggers hormonal changes. Less stress makes a happier, healthier life and person!

You can be happier and healthier by exercising at our centres across Cheshire! Look up the timetables to see which classes you like the look of! Also take a look at our centres page to find your nearest centre!

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