4 Classes for Fitness Newbies!12 Jan

4 Classes for Fitness Newbies!

If you’ve joined us recently and are struggling to decide how to start your fitness journey, we’re here to help!

Our Premier membership gives you access to every single class we offer, but with all that variety you may be wondering which classes are suitable for you. Take a look below as we run down our 5 most beginner-friendly classes:


This Latin-inspired dance class is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It’s got a great social element, so think of it as a mini party rather than a workout! The moves are easy to follow and everyone is able to go at their own pace.

Also try: Clubbercise for a 90’s style dance session


Although a bit slower pace, this is still one great workout! Pilates is great for beginners because it focuses on balance and building a strong core – two things that’ll help you massively with any other classes or workouts you do. Definitely, one to consider when you’re starting your fitness journey!

Also try: Yoga for an extra boost to your balance


“Hang on, isn’t that the scary one with the weights?”

Well… yes and no. Yes it’s the one with the weights, but no it’s not scary! BODYPUMP is actually one of the most beginner friendly classes around. The instructor is on hand to show you how to set up your weights, advise on how much you should be using, and will constantly give you alternative exercises throughout the class that you can do until you’re comfortable enough to move onto the main exercises. And because it’s a Les Mills class, the exercises will be the same across every class and instructor meaning you can try out BODYPUMP at any of our centres, safe in the knowledge that you’ll know what you’re doing.

Also try: BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK. These are vastly different workouts but follow the same Les Mills principle of offering different options for beginners.


This one’s a bit different as it’s a gym class. Making use of the Synrgy frame, you’ll be doing a full body workout with the various bits of kit, including kettlebells, TRX suspension ropes, battle ropes, heavy bag, cable machines and more. The reason this is so great for beginners is that you’re basically getting group training on the Synrgy machine and learning exercises you can then do when you’re working out in the gym. Even when a class isn’t on, the Synrgy kit is there to be used so you’ll be confident using it even without an instructor around!

Also try: Speak to the Gym Instructor about starting your Member Journey for more advice on gym workouts.

So there we have it, 4 classes that are perfect for fitness newbies. What class was your favourite when you first started exercising? Let us know in the comments below!

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