13 Frightful Food Facts13 Oct

13 Frightful Food Facts

As Halloween approaches, we thought we would share some of our frightful food facts that you may not have heard!

Read on to find out some food and drink facts that may make you reconsider your current diet!

  1. Fruit Juice: This is one most people know; but if you didn’t, fruit juice is fruit with all the fibre taken out and other nutrients greatly reduced. It’s great as a little treat, but don’t drink too much as it’s chock full of sugar!
  2. Sports Drinks: Another one you may know, but sports drinks are filled with extra salt and sugar for athletes training and working towards competitions. For people who work out a couple of times a week, these drinks give us extra sugar and salt that we don’t need.
  3. Bagels: One that shocked us was bagels! They have a high glycemic index, which is a rating system for foods containing carbohydrates and how much the food affects your blood sugar. Bagels heavily affect blood sugar so you need to keep this in mind!
  4. Jarred Tomato Sauce: Store-bought tomato sauce is packed with sugar! Making your own can help you keep down the sugar levels.
  5. Bacon: Bacon only has 45 calories in a strip; therefore, some will sprinkle it on top of salads and meals. It is full of fats and sodium, and so it’s a lot better to avoid it.
  6. Fat-Free Yogurt: The fats removed from these yoghurts aren’t bad for you – they are fats that your body needs!
  7. Flavoured or Sweetened Soy & Almond Milk: It’s good to use animal milk substitutes, however, make sure that these are unsweetened and not flavoured because this can mean it’s packed with sugars you don’t need.
  8. Protein & Nutrition Bars: these bars often have an unnecessary amount of fat, calories and added sugar. Make sure you check the nutritional details before having these!
  9. Granola: This easy food is fantastic to pile into yoghurt; however, it’s loaded with preserves and sugars.
  10. Veggie Burgers: Unfortunately, these burgers are filled with too much sodium, refined oils and over-processed soy! Try to choose veggie burgers with little to no salt and with as many natural ingredients as possible.
  11. Sushi: Sushi is known to be healthy; however, a lot of the ingredients are unhealthy. The sticky rice we all love is combined with vinegar, sugar and salt. Soy sauce is also a top ingredient and is full of salt. Some sushi can be fried too, or have mayonnaise in which can increase levels of saturated fat.
  12. Rice Crackers: Light and airy, you would expect rice crackers to be good for you! They are full of sodium, and have a lack of fibre and are 80% carbohydrates.
  13. Banana Chips: Bananas are healthy, and you would think that banana chips would be a lovely alternative sometimes. However, these gorgeous chips are fried and so have a lot more calories!

Now you know which foods you need to watch out for when looking for a lovely meal! All of these foods are fine to occasionally have, remember to think about what you’re eating and how it will benefit your body.

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