We know money might be tight for some this month. According to the Office for National Statistics, 87% of adults in Great Britain reported an increase in the cost of living between August to September 2022.

So we thought we’d try and help out a bit. If you’re struggling to get into our centres or take part in classes & you’re maybe feeling like you need to cut some costs, we’ve created this hub of activity. We call it Stay Active 4 Less. This hopefully will give you some tools to stay active & healthy at home whilst also trying to save a few pounds.

Exercise 4 Less

We’ve created 3 brand new and completely free fitness classes that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Eat Healthy 4 Less

We know the cost of your weekly food shop has probably gone up too. We know it’s not easy, but we want to try help you keep your meals healthy whilst also lowering the cost.

Stay Healthy 4 Less

Staying healthy during this time is not only great for your wallet, but also for your physical and mental health. We’ve created some money saving blogs, which will hopefully make things a little easier.


Digital Workouts You Can Try At Home

We’ve teamed up with our local fitness instructors to offer a few free online classes for you to enjoy at your own pace.


Easy, Quick & Healthy Recipe Cards

We’re all feeling the pinch when we go to our local supermarket. So we thought we’d put together these super simple recipe cards which you can download now. They’re quick meals used with healthy ingredients and done without having to stretch your food budget.

5 Energy Saving Tips & Myths

As the cost of living and our bills continue to increase, we know it’s putting pressure on everyone & it can be quite a worrying time.

Tips To Help With The Increasing Cost Of Living

Hopefully these tips help you get a little bit extra towards the increased cost of living.

5 Core Exercises For Beginners

If you’re trying to save a bit more by exercising on your own, try these 5 different core exercises in your front room.

Benefits Of Exercise For Your Mental Wellbeing

Whilst physical exercise is great for your body, it also benefits your mental wellbeing by boosting your mood, improving sleep & helping with depression.

Cut Costs & Breathe Easier By Stopping Smoking

Are you a smoker looking to quit for Stoptober? Whether you’re quitting for costs or your health, you are certainly not alone. Have a chat to one of our advisors to see how they can help.

Get a FREE 7 Day Pass

Get a taste of our gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes with a 7 day pass, completely free of charge. Follow the link below & use code: BRIOYT22