Why is swimming so good for you?21 Nov

Why is swimming so good for you?

Often with fitness, people automatically think of certain exercises as having specific effects. If you go running, you’ll improve your heart and lungs. If you lift weights, you’ll improve your muscles. Swimming however is a bit more diverse.

It has many diverse benefits; it can help you tone up. Using a combination of all the different strokes means you work every muscle in your body during the one workout. Not many other exercises have that benefit!

It’s also a useful life skill; you never know when the need to swim may arise. If you’re confident in the water, and are able to swim then you’re as well equipped as you can be for a worst case scenario.

The water supports your joints, meaning there is less pressure put on them. This makes it ideal for recovering from injuries. Swimming for 30 minutes at a moderate pace that get’s your heart pumping can burn over 200 calories!

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