Ways you can incorporate Random Acts of Kindness into your day!14 Feb

Ways you can incorporate Random Acts of Kindness into your day!

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day – we wanted to share some fun ideas on how you can brighten someone’s day both in and out of the gym!

Working out alone or just stepping into a gym can be daunting for anyone, and focusing on making them feel welcome can help them feel at home. Our gyms are judgement-free; we want everyone to feel welcome so starting your acts of kindness here is a perfect way to feel comfortable doing it!

1 – If you see someone struggling

Gym equipment can be confusing! Especially if you’ve just started your workout journey, the weird weights and unusual equipment can throw you off your workout overall. If you see someone struggling with a piece of equipment, this could not only not help their goals but could result in them injuring themselves. Setting aside a couple of minutes from your routine could offer that extra support and kindness needed in their day to make them feel welcome and understand what areas of their body they are working on.

2 – Have a judgement-free day

Judgement free days can make YOU feel great – whether at work, shopping, going to the gym, or even watching TV! Catching yourself before you make a judgement towards anything will make you feel more positive towards everyone and everything and enjoy the day more!

3 – New people in the gym/work

Whether it’s work, socialising, or the gym, meeting new people can be scary, so offering that extra support and kindness will help them feel a lot more welcome. At the gym, focus on chatting to the new people in your fitness classes or swimming lanes; in the first few months of the new year, so many new faces pop up around the gym, so finding ways to make them feel at home is the best way to help them kickstart their fitness journey!


Check out the Random Acts of Kindness website for more ideas on how you can help people; going out of your way to make someone feel at home and welcomed will change their day.

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