Unlocking The Benefits Of Raising Happy and Healthy Kids9 Aug

Unlocking The Benefits Of Raising Happy and Healthy Kids

Benefits of having happy, healthy kids!

Treat your kids to a healthy summer!

Of course, having happy, healthy kids is everything any parent wants, but as well as all the obvious health benefits, there are a few more specific reasons that may be of interest to parents out there…

Wheeling the suitcases


It’s summer holiday time! If your kids are lucky enough to be treated to a holiday, then they can help with the luggage! If they’ve been putting in the time at the gym or in the pool, then they’ll be in tip-top shape to help haul the suitcases around for you.

Running to the shop


Waking up and realising you’ve no milk for a Saturday morning brew is a bad start to the day! If your child is as fit as a fiddle they’ll be speeding over to the shop in no time while you put your feet up.

Walking the dog


Walking the dog every day can be a nice end to your day or another chore after a long day at work. If your kids are often on the move they’d be more than happy to tick that off your to-do-list!

Carrying the shopping bags


When you’ve been for a big shop and they’ve spent more than enough of your shopping budget, now is their time to shine – they’re bringing the bags in!

Don’t forget, our Junior Memberships are available for as little as £12.00 per month and they’ll have your kids keeping active and enjoying exercise all summer long!

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