Unleash your inner mermaid this summer!19 Jul

Unleash your inner mermaid this summer!

Feel mer-mazing!

Swim all summer, even when you’re not on holiday! Whether you’re looking for a new way to get fit, or you’re just finding it too hot to be in the gym, our swimming pools are the perfect place for you and your family to exercise. We’ve got a huge range of activities so there’s sure to be something you’ll love!

So if you’re looking to unleash your inner mermaid, here are a few ways to get you started.

Aqua classes

Dance, swim and swish that tail to a host of aqua classes across our centres! From easy to hard and even open to non-swimmers getting fit in the pool, they’re the perfect way to prepare you for a summer of swimming Maximise the benefits of working out in the water with resistance and swimming drills or enjoy a low impact class to take it easy on your bones and muscles. We’ve got everything from Aqua Zumba and Aqua Jog, right through to the more unusual Swim Fit and Aqua Mitt, which has you putting on a pair of special gloves to increase your resistance in the water and help tone your upper body.

Our classes have a great social aspect to them too, so they’re perfect to do with your friends, family or co-workers. You may even end up meeting some new friends too!

Take a look at our timetables to see what’s on!

Kids Swim Sessions

Bring the kids along to our exciting sessions in the pool running throughout the summer holidays. Enjoy an under 16’s free swim or get Wet ’n’ Wild with our crazy inflatable! Chasing them around the pool will have you in shape in no time.

Check out our holiday fun sessions here.

Lane Swim

If you fancy something a bit more serious, our Lane Swim is the place to be. With 3 different levels, this session is suitable for all abilities and is the perfect way to improve your strokes and seriously burn some calories.

Just be Ariel

Everyone wants to be a Disney princess, and even more so a mermaid! What would Ariel do? She’d just be enjoying the water, so you should too! Our Casual Swim sessions are there for you to swim however you want, whether that’s getting in some practice or just splashing around with the kids.

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