Swimming burns HOW many calories?!18 May

Swimming burns HOW many calories?!

Here’s some perspective on just how good swimming is for you!

As you may already know, swimming is one of the best exercises you can take part in. There’s loads of reasons why it’s just so good, so the Aquatics Team at Ellesmere Port Sports Village kindly compiled some of the top reasons, as well as some startling statistics below!

If you really want to know how great swimming is though, take a look at this chart of calories you can burn in the pool compared to other cardiovascular exercises!

30 minutes of… Compared to 30 minutes of…
Cycling at 10/12mph burns 180 calories Front Crawl (slow pace) burns 257 calories
Cycling at 12/14mph burns 240 calories Front Crawl (fast pace) burns 404 calories
Running at 6mph burns 300 calories Breaststroke burns 367 calories
Running at 8mph burns 405 calories Butterfly stroke burns 404 calories
Walking at 3mph burns 99 calories Leisure swimming burns 220 calories

So as you can see, in most cases swimming burns more calories! As it’s low impact too, you’ll find you can go for longer than you can with running or even cycling!

Visit our Swimming page to find out about everything swimming at Brio Leisure!

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