Rally Behind Badminton At Your Local Brio centre!28 Apr

Rally Behind Badminton At Your Local Brio centre!

Badminton England want to get you excited about the sport again with their new #BadmintonRally campaign!

Britain alone has 4 million badminton players, thats roughly 8% of its population. Wouldn’t it be great if together we could get that number even higher? Badminton is a fantastic, fun sport that’s suitable for everyone, and we can prove it! Take a look at the list below to see why it’s so great:

It takes two

It takes two people to play badminton, so bring a friend! If you’re a badminton player, encourage your friends to come with you! If you’re not, you can learn the game together! Either way, share the experience with them! You can even get 3 friends to come along and play a game of doubles!

Anyone can play

The great thing about badminton is that it can be as easy going or as fast paced as you decide, so anyone can play! You set the pace, which makes it perfect for all ages and abilities.

Its great exercise

You can burn around 300 calories by playing badminton for just one hour, which is more calories than you might think! Whatever level you choose to play at badminton is actually a great workout exercising all parts of the body. From muscle toning to improving your metabolism rate, badminton is a sport that challenges all parts of the body.

Its sociable

Because badminton can be an easy going exercise, it can also be something fun for you and your friends to do! Sometimes it can be hard fitting in your exercise and seeing friends and family, well why not combine the two? It’s also a fun way to meet new people! The No Strings Badminton sessions at your local Brio centre are a great way to learn about the game and make new friends too!

Theres many health benefits

There are endless health benefits from playing badminton. It reduces blood pressure and the risks of heart disease, playing on a regular basis strengthens the heart muscles and keeps blood vessels from clogging. In addition to the many physical benefits its also great to improve your mental health. Playing badminton keeps you feeling well, strong and motivated!

These benefits are just a taste of what’s great about badminton and why it’s so important to keep playing. There are so many reasons to play, but why not find out for yourself? Many Brio centres offer badminton courts and sessions, so check out what’s going on at your local centre!

And don’t forget to spread the love, too! Shout about the #BadmintonRally on Facebook and Twitter!

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