#MyBrio – Samantha’s journey to lose 50% of her bodyweight!23 Jul

#MyBrio – Samantha’s journey to lose 50% of her bodyweight!

Meet Samantha, our latest #MyBrio success story!

Samantha started her weight loss journey back in 2014, at which time she was 24st 12lbs, and she started by counting calories. Wanting to do more, she continued on to try low impact workouts at home with the help of YouTube and managed to lose around 5 stone by the time Northwich Memorial Court opened its doors for the first time – an impressive feat alone! She made the transition from home workouts to getting fit in the gym, and although it took some time to get used to exercising in public, she soon grew to love it.

In August 2015, she took part in our Focus. Move. Evolve process, which involved sitting down with a Gym Instructor, going through her goals and building a fitness programme that’d help her reach them. Unfortunately, she was only able to try the programme once before being seriously injured in a car accident. It took 12 long weeks to recover, but as soon as she could, she was back exercising in the gym and even had some personalised programmes made for helping with her injuries.

So, where is she now? It’s been 4 years since she started her journey and she’s about 12 stone lighter! She has lost 11st 9lbs, and is not far off her goal weight at all! That will mean she’s lost 50% of her starting bodyweight, which is incredible!

She’s gone from attending one class and a couple of short gym sessions a week to trying almost all of our classes, attending the gym regularly and even enjoying the social benefits of exercise. She’s made some great friends, and her confidence has improved too – she’s particularly pleased that she’s confident enough to stand at the front of fitness classes now rather than hiding at the back, which we think is lovely.

Something you might all find interesting is that the benefits she’s felt from exercising aren’t exclusive to getting fit. Her asthma has improved and she finds her hair, skin and nails all to be healthier!

We absolutely love hearing stories like this, so if you have your own then let us know!

If you’d like to start your own success story, take a look at our Membership options and get started today!


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