Men’s Health Week 2021 – CAN DO14 Jun

Men’s Health Week 2021 – CAN DO

Men’s Health Week starts today! We want to help raise awareness around Men’s Health, we want to encourage men to open up about mental and physical wellbeing.

Men’s Health Forum is all about how physical, psychological, social and cultural effects on men’s health, the CAN DO movement is the 2021 theme of helping men open up more about mental and physical health.


To celebrate Men’s Health Week, we’ve got a FREE 7-Day Pass you can use too! Just click here and enter the code HO/MHW21 to claim it! With the pass you’ll be able to try out everything we have to offer for a full week!

Looking for a way to challenge yourself? We’ve also put together an Accumulator Challenge for you to try! Give it a go and let use know how it makes you feel!

5-Day Fitness Challenge

Day 1 – 20 squats & 10k steps

Day 2 – 20 squats, 20 pressups & 11k steps

Day 3 – 20 squats, 20 pressups, 20 situps & 12k steps

Day 4 – 20 squats, 20 pressups, 20 situps, 20 squat thrusts & 13k steps

Day 5 – 20 squats, 20 pressups, 20 situps, 20 squat thrusts, 20 burpees & 14-15k steps

How will you find ways to reach all CAN DO points? Let us know on our social media!

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