A guide to water workouts!29 Mar

A guide to water workouts!

How to choose the perfect water workouts:

Not sure where to start with Aqua classes? Take a look at these and see what you think!

Aqua Fit:

Water workouts! They sound a bit scary, right? If you think they’re not for you, give this one a try before you decide. This class is great for those of you who aren’t the most confident in the water and is great for muscle toning and increasing cardiovascular fitness; getting your oxygen-filled blood to your muscles quicker.

Aqua Jog:

Feeling more confident in the water? Then this is for you! This fun-filled class will get your body moving against the water. Slightly harder than the Aqua Fit class, the water resistance really increases muscle toning and feel good attitude!

Aqua Dance:

Love to dance? With great song hits and fun dance moves this class is not only entertaining for you and all your friends but also gives you a great chance to work out. This feel good class will get you in the right mood for anything!

Aqua HIIT:

If you enjoy HIIT outside of the water why not give Aqua HIIT a try? An intense exercise class that keeps you pumped and energized and will have you burning calories hours after you’ve dried off.

Swim Fit:

This fun fitness class is an alternative way to work out in a pool and is extremely effective in muscle toning. With the use of circuit-training, swimming drills and more, you can have a fun and unusual experience in this aqua class!

If you are up for trying it out any of these classes you can find all of our timetables here.

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