Get ready for WorkFit Wellness Month!8 Feb

Get ready for WorkFit Wellness Month!

March is all about WorkFit Wellness!

In case you didn’t already know, we have a pretty amazing corporate membership offer that can give you, your workmates and your family members a discount on your membership price at no cost to the company!

So, that’s why we’re making March our WorkFit Wellness Month! Dotted around our centres will be dedicated WorkFit Areas, full of information on how you can get started with a membership, sign your company up for the scheme and there’s even some free resistance bands so you can Deskercise at work (because, as we know, sitting all day isn’t great for our bodies!). Drop your business card into the postboxes provided and collect your free 7 day pass for you, your workmates and your family members! You can also request a pass online.

Request a 7 day pass online

Hollie, our WorkFit Memberships Officer, will be in our centres throughout March too so feel free to pop in and have a chat about how she can get more of your workmates active, or get your employer on the WorkFit list so you and your family members can take advantage of the discount!

She’ll be out and about on:

Can’t make these days? You can also arrange for Hollie to come to your workplace to demonstrate the benefits of a healthy workforce, and how you can save money too.

To find out if your company is already on the WorkFit list, or to get in touch with us about the offer, just click here!

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