Do you know these weight loss myths?10 Feb

Do you know these weight loss myths?

There are so many myths about how to lose weight! From healthy foods being too expensive, to exercise being the only way to lose weight.

We have collected together 10 weight loss myths you need to know.

  1. Healthier foods are more expensive.
    This is not true! Choosing cheap vegetarian options, such as beans, pulses and frozen vegetables, can help you cut out meat which is a considerable contributor to calories in your diet!
  2. Some foods can increase your metabolism.
    There isn’t enough evidence for this, and usually, foods that state they can speed metabolism are full of sugar and caffeine.
  3. Food labelled ‘low-fat’ or ‘reduced fat’ are healthy
    Some low-fat foods contain a whole lot more of sugar – not always making it the healthy option.
  4. Drinking water helps you lose weight
    Drinking water can help you snack less; however, it is essential for healthy living and doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight!
  5. Carbs are bad for you
    As you may have seen in one of our previous blogs, carbs aren’t bad for you! You need carbohydrates to survive, and by having them, you get more energy. However, refined carbohydrates aren’t good for you and can link to weight gain.
  6. Weight-loss diets are the best idea
    Using a diet to lose weight can seem like a quick fix; however, to live healthier and to be healthier, you need to change aspects of your life. Not just what you eat, but how much you exercise, how much sleep you get etc.
  7. Juice cleanses are a great way to lose weight
    A juice cleanse is where you substitute a meal with a juice! These juices tend to be full of sugar which can increase weight gain and blood sugar levels.

Overall, losing weight can only really be achieved by changing your lifestyle so you can keep to it every day. Having a Personal Trainer can help you to plan out your meals and find exercises you can keep up with the extra support. Or if you’re struggling with just finding a couple of exercises that you feel comfortable with, try our Focus Move Evolve programme!

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