Class review – Aqua Fit21 Nov

Class review – Aqua Fit

I’d not done any exercise for a few weeks and I was feeling lazy and unmotivated. Just the thought of going to the gym was making me feel tired, but the thought of spending another night nibbling on biscuits was making me feel guilty – I decided I needed to do something!

No matter how guilty I felt I just couldn’t face the gym, so I decided to do a class instead – AquaFit at Moss Farm Leisure Complex. It was a Thursday night and the class only lasted for 45 minutes, which I thought was the perfect way to ease myself back into the routine.

I was surprised to find that although the class wasn’t heaving, there was a really good group of people of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders! The class was split into two halves – shallow water and deep water. I decided to do the deep water class, as the friendly atmosphere was starting to make me feel motivated, and if I’m honest I was expecting it to be quite easy so wanted a bit of a challenge.

And a challenge it was!

Jill the instructor didn’t let me slack off once and although I think my stomach muscles were getting more of a workout from all the laughing I was doing, my shoulders, arms, bum and legs were really feeling the toning effects from the resistance of the water.

There was some great sing-a-long music to keep you going throughout the whole workout, with friendly instructors and good company – I will definitely be doing this class again to mix up my routine a bit and pick me up the next time I can’t really be bothered.

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