4 reasons to take up Triathlon Technique Training18 May

4 reasons to take up Triathlon Technique Training

Ready for a new challenge? Give Triathlon Technique Training a go!

We get it, a Triathlon can be a scary prospect. Even if you’re not planning on doing one though, doesn’t mean you can’t train like a triathlete! And if you are planning on doing one… Well, this new session will be especially helpful to you.

Ellesmere Port Sports Village now host a fantastic Triathlon Technique Training every Thursday 8.00pm – 9.00pm in their main pool. You don’t have to be training for a triathlon to join them, but check out our top reasons why you should give it a go!

You’re a triathlete in training!

Of course the main reason you’d want to try the session is because you’re training for a triathlon and want to improve your technique and time. The swimming part of a triathlon is often the hardest part of the race, and the part where people lose time because they’ve not used their training sessions effectively. Our instructors will analyse your technique and offer tips and advice that will have you shaving precious seconds off your time!

You want to improve your stroke

Not interested in becoming a triathlete? It’s still worth going along just to get some help with your stroke technique. Think of the instructor, Traci, as a swimming personal trainer – she’ll guide you and let you know where you’re excelling and where you need to improve!

You like the idea of swim clubs but can’t commit

Then look no further! Not everyone has the time and dedication that club swimmers are able to put in, but it’s nice to feel part of a group and have purpose there. This session is weekly and something you can stick at, but doesn’t have the pressure of weekly meets like a swim club does. It’s perfect for those that just want to come a few times a month, or whenever they’ve got a free evening!

You love lane swimming but want a new challenge!

Lane swimming is a great way to get fit but technique training is a way to push yourself further and will ensure that your workouts are even more efficient. Sounds worth it, doesn’t it? Sometimes having a little extra support from an instructor gives you more motivation to beat your times and ensures you’re constantly challenging yourself.

If you fancy a go at Triathlon Technique Training, just book online or at reception. This session is also included in the Brio Premier Membership!

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