Why Brio supports sustainable palm oil!4 Oct

Why Brio supports sustainable palm oil!

We’re teaming up with Chester Zoo to become part of the Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge aiming to make Chester the worlds FIRST sustainable palm oil city – how amazing would that be!

Palm oil is extracted from the fruits of oil palm trees across the world. 85% of palm oil produced is from Indonesia and Malaysia, and most of the time it’s not sourced using sustainable measures. This is then used in foods, consumer products and energy all over the globe and the demand is higher than ever.

Here are a few reasons why we’re pledging our commitment to this project!

Prevent the extinction of animals

The oil palm tree is a source of food for orangutans and a home to them and many other animals, so destroying their habitat is destroying the animals! We’re losing over 6,000 orangutans a year as well as being left with only 400 Sumatran tigers and having a damaging effect on the number of elephant species worldwide – it’s time we made the right changes to help protect them.

Stop deforestation

Every hour, 300 football fields’ worth of forest is destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. Not only is this damaging habitats, but it also encourages climate change. Trees bring oxygen to our planet, clean carbon dioxide out of the air and some even have medicinal benefits – which is why this challenge is so important.

Protect innocent people

Unfortunately, this industry is also linked to human rights violations such as, child labour and poor working conditions, not to mention, the areas destroyed sometimes include peoples homes. The sustainable palm oil challenge doesn’t just benefit the animals it supports the people living in those areas.

It’s easy to get involved, just check the labels on foods, detergents, soaps, and makeup that you buy and think about how you can support sustainable palm oil and protect the world we live in. There are lots of alternatives available now, so don’t worry, you’ll not have to look far to find other options. You also don’t need to remove palm oil entirely, just check the ingredients to make sure it’s been sourced through sustainable measures and by doing so you’ll know you’ve done your part in making a difference to our environment!

Our palm oil pledge:

At Brio Leisure, we’re committed to supporting the Sustainable Palm Oil City project in Chester. We’re currently working to make the right changes and by November, we’ll ensure that where palm oil is present in our food, it will be sourced from sustainable sources. We’ll also be extending our pledge beyond Chester by setting this same standard across all of our sites in Cheshire West and Chester. By doing so, we know we’re helping to protect wildlife around the world from the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices.

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